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Dric company is one of the major companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt working in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Dric products include: Air conditioning or industrial chiller units,Central air conditioning units,Fan coil units,Air handling units,Dx package units,Cooling towers, Electric panels, Air conditioning units& Drinking water coolers.


High quality and high efficiency products using advanced technologies that meet different customer needs and the distribution of these products in the Arab and African markets.


Developed refrigeration and air conditioning industries “Dric” company was established in 1988 and the factory production began in 1990.

The company’s factory was founded in 10th of Ramadan city in 1989.

The company obtained the ISO certificate ISO 9001:2008 in 2011.

Administrative headquarter of the company, in Heliopolis - Cairo,includes: Sales, Technical office, Maintenance and After-sales service departments.


Dricpresents distinguished after-sale service to extend the unit’s lifetime at the same efficiency by periodical maintenance during warranty period (1 year from starting up) for free.Besides Repairing malfunctions and following the customer units during this period. After warranty period there are also variety of systems for periodic maintenance contracts according to the product and customer’s requirement as the following:

Maintenance Plan One

Maintenance including spare parts except compressors and coils, which suits most of units with implement of minor repair operations.

Maintenance Plan Two

Maintenance not including spare parts and it is the most widespread one, and of minimal cost.It suits new units..

Maintenance Plan Three

Maintenance including all spare parts for old cooling units which transfer maintenance center (technician and necessary spare parts) to the nearest unit place at minimum time

Manufacturing Component

Manufacturing components: Dric uses the well- known brands and most efficient one in manufacturing. There are also different alternative lists of components to meet different customers need. And the company implements required modifications on the old units for repairing or raising its efficiency.

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About DRIC

DRIC offers a wide range of products that include chillers for air conditioning and industrial applications DRIC offers a wide range of products that include chillers for air conditioning and industrial applications

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