Some customers need refrigeration air conditioning products of special specifications that Dric company manufactures them such as:

Water cooling units (chillers) used in food industries

These factories need cool and clean water to be used it in dough and other products. So, special specification chillers have been manufactured which containheat exchanger and all internal water connections made of stainless steel - 316 to guarantee pure water suitable for use in food industries.

Water cooling units (chillers) used in concrete production stations

Theconcrete production stations are considered as inappropriate environment for cooling systems due to the existence of cement dust and air pollution which cover wide area in the station. Moreover,the use of electric generatorscauses electric currents of high frequency and unstable voltage. So the condenser surface area is increased together withincreasing the spaces between fins to reduce the accumulation of dust and cement on condenser coil. Moreover,an automatic switchfor the protection against inappropriate voltage fluctuations is added on each compressor in the chiller to reduce malfunctions..

Special cooling units for electric and control panels

Electric control panels work efficiently at (20-30)°C in addition to clean air environment, otherwise the panels will stop working, resulting in factory, production shutdown. SO, Dric manufactures special units for cooling these panels which are suitable in size, air distribution and outer shape. Moreover, they work in severe conditions whereambient temperature reaches 50°Cwhich is not suitable for traditional cooling systems. There are also alternative solutionsfor treatment of cooling units in case of presence of ambient air containing dust, pother or chemicals which may interact with used metals so achieving high performance and continuous work.

Hospital Surgery Rooms

Hospitals need special specification air conditioningunits concerning used materials, filtration of used air (air filters) and sterilization of air by using ultra violet rays.Dric company manufactures air handing units to achieve the required specifications along with optimal size (compact), Dric also, manufactures mobile air handing units tomove from place to another and to suit moveable surgery room

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DRIC offers a wide range of products that include chillers for air conditioning and industrial applications DRIC offers a wide range of products that include chillers for air conditioning and industrial applications

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